Let’s face it friends, we only have one planet!
Responsible Balloon disposal is one way that we do our part.

Due to recent years of irresponsible balloon releases, latex balloons have gotten a bad reputation in the media.  The fact is, there is a lot of misinformation being spread, likening balloons to plastic.  These campaigns often use media spins by attaching staged, altered, or out-of-context photos to exaggerated, unrelated, or incorrect information.   While misinformation is never a good thing, we reflect that this hasn’t been entirely bad, either.  The awareness that is being raised is changing the way that a lot of people think about the part that they play in the well-being of our planet, all the way down to their entertainment choices.

However, we’d like to get a few things cleared up:

Did you know… ?


   We are proud members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance, working together with balloon professionals, environmental groups, government and media around the world to eliminate the organized, deliberate release of balloons and to educate our customers and the public on the responsible use, and disposal, of balloons. 



So, What do we do with all those balloons?

   We’re glad you asked! All of the balloons that we collect, from our costumes, decor installationsand even the little bits left over after entertaining at a birthday party all get stuffed into plastic bottles, sealed up, and used as insulation in winterized chicken coupes and other garden projects. That’s right, we’ve partnered up with Green Guilds: Ecological Design, a local landscape company, who uses our balloon-filled eco-bricks as building blocks in their permaculture landscape designs.

They’re Compostable!

    We’re also doing experiments with backyard composting methods to determine ideal conditions to accelerate the rate at which they biodegrade!  There are dozens of balloon artists, around the world, who are doing similar experiments, in their own regions and climactic conditions.  With the help of the internet, the wave of misconception that balloons are plastic, has caused an awakening within the industry to see how we can most responsibly dispose of our waste, and share our findings.  

   Balloon art, as BIG as it can be and as profound an impact as it can make, is really mostly air, wrapped in a thin bubble of colored tree sap, and arranged with artistic care and precision.  When it’s all popped away, it breaks down into a small amount of latex rubber (not to mention the streams of delightfully fun memories that linger.)  Have you ever see what happens to rubber bands that have been sitting in a drawer for too long?  Yup, they’re biodegrading.  It’s the same here.  Balloons are made from tree sap and turn back into dust in a matter of a few years, not centuries.

The photos, however, can last a lifetime!


   * Thanks for caring enough about the environment to bother reading to the bottom of a page like this.  That often points to the kind of person that we want to work with.  For that reason, we want to award you with a 5% discount on your next order of balloon decor and balloon entertainment services.  Just mention this offer when you request a quote!

Jason, here are some pictures from our party last weekend. We all had a great time and everyone, adults included enjoyed your talents.
Have a great summer!

Paul & Amy

Grateful Parents, Minneapolis, MN

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